Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gay Hate @ Your Library

gay hate @ your library®
There's gay hate @ your library, in this case the Orland Park Public Library in Orland Park, IL:
  • "Orland Park Library Officials Call People 'Fruit', 'Faggot' & 'Gay,'" by John Kraft, Illinois Leaks (Edgar County Watchdogs), 26 July 2014:
    After her attempted intimidation, outside the courthouse, against the person she had signed an ordinance violation against, I intervened and she continued towards her vehicle, but only after calling Kevin a "fruit".  Meanwhile Jennings returned and called me an a**hole at least 4 times while calling Kevin a faggot and stating she did not like gay people.  She admits to police that she said these things and this police report will be in an upcoming article.

Watch this elected library trustee Diane Jennings and library public relations employee Bridget Bittman attack a gay man who happened to have exposed the library for allowing and covering up child pornography:

And mainstream library media like Library Journal and the American Library Association's [ALA] own American Libraries are completely silent on this videotaped LGBT hate.  Why?  Child pornography in a library is a direct result of ALA policy to allow unfettered porn despite the law.  Indeed, ALA is the nation's leading facilitator of porn in public libraries nationwide.

ALA has in the past exposed the LGBT community to discrimination and even increased suicide by faking half a decade of gay hate so as to rile up the LGBT community to spread ALA's false message of book "banning." That stopped after I exposed ALA for doing this.  It is one of my favorite accomplishments, stopping ALA from harming the LGBT community.

But ALA has not learned.  The women shown in the video calling the gay man a "fruit" provided training for ALA to many librarians where she made homophobic remarks during her training about why a mom would let her children near a gay man.  Has ALA cut ties with this hater?  No.  She's been invited back for more ALA-sponsored training.

And of course she's still working at the library, a library that's such a joke that even Seth Meyers at Saturday Night Live with guest star Lady Gaga made fun of it:

Is there a reason people should get away with gay hate simply because they are supposedly innocent librarians or library supporters?  Is there a reason mainstream media should ignore the gay hate, even in the face of videotaped evidence?  Is "faggots" @ your library® an acceptable trademark?

Outside the library world, people like multiple Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill apologize for saying "faggot."  "'What I said in that moment was a disgusting and hurtful term,' Hill told [Howard] Stern. 'I shouldn't have said that.'"  Why are public library officials immune?  Why are library media not reporting this story (that's being going on for almost a year now)?

"faggots" @ your library®

Personal note:  It infuriates me no end that gay hate is allowed, condoned, and covered up, all to perpetuate the spread of child pornography in public libraries.  The gay haters at ALA remain authoritative in communities nationwide and continue to recommend making child porn available in public libraries despite the law.

Does being a library supporter bestow magical protection that allows gay hate?  97% of librarians have seen code of conduct violations at ALA conferences, including 23% of librarians reporting being sexually harassed, and "It's true, the majority of the people who were harassed did not report," so I suppose from those stats and from the what I've reported above that homophobia is acceptable within that community.  Is it acceptable in yours?

"@ your library®" is a federally registered trademark of the American Library Association.  Its nominative use on SafeLibraries is for criticism and analysis.  "gay hate @ your library®" and "'faggots' @ your library®" are not federally registered trademarks of ALA, but they should be because of what Orland Park Public Library officials say and the way ALA harms gays and other members of the LGBT community.


And still no coverage from Library Journal and American Libraries.  That tells me they condone the gay hate.


I cited statistics from a librarian named Ingrid Abrams who calls herself "The Magpie Librarian."  This women actually deletes and changes my comments that appear on her blog, then attacks me for the quotes as she's rewritten them; some people don't like the truth and distort it in different ways.  I say this so you can see she does not like free speech.  Now you can see she does not like me:
Such are the lengths a few librarians will go through to oppose those trying to stop the ALA from misleading communities about child porn in public libraries.  Sadly, OPPL/ALA is not alone in facilitating child porn in public libraries by attacking whistleblowers.

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